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About Hans Just

We are a company of dedicated people working with premium brands. Established in Denmark in 1867, today the group consists of Hans Just A/S in Denmark, Nigab AB in Sweden, Robert Prizelius AS in Norway, Beverage Partners Finland OY and BJC Distribution Z O.O. in Poland.

Hans Just Group holds the position as the leading independent, privately owned distributor of spirits and wine in the Nordic. We also have our own warehouse facilities at Trans-Alko, which is centrally located in the Copenhagen area. We can therefore offer delivery in Denmark within 24 hours, and within 48 hours to the rest of the Nordic countries.

The head office is located in Copenhagen in a ten floor, red brick building from 1917 near the harbour. Originally serving as a warehouse, the building is now an attractive office facility and you will find us on the two top floors.


For further information about the companies in Norway, Sweden and Finland, please visit the respective websites.

Robert Prizelius AS

Nigab AB

Beverage Partners Finland OY

Our values

Every day, year round, dedicated people in Hans Just A/S are working with premium brands. And in everything we do, we share a set of four values.

We communicate openly and believe that fruitful business is done through earning respect from sharing successes and challenges.

Business sense
We have financial acumen and invest in systems to continuously improve accuracy, effectiveness and growth for brand owners and ourselves.



We are passionate about our portfolio of brands and strive to be the best in our industry by simply being irreplaceable for our partners.

Responsibility & Trustworthy
In order to deliver world class execution we are always well prepared and we meet budgets and demands on time.



Vision and Mission

The purpose of Hans Just A/S is incorporated in our vision and mission statements. They are essentially what we are all about and why we do what we do.

Our Vision
Continue increasing our market share and remain independently family owned.



Our Mission
Create value for our partners and excitement for our consumers by being inspiring, entrepreneurial, and effective

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hans Just A/S recognizes and supports the following as part of our CSR-policy.*

Human Rights
We support and respect internationally recognized human rights and will not take part in violation of these. We see diversity as an important asset. We commit to securing equal rights for our employees and will not accept discrimination or harassment, in particular discrimination and harassment on the basis of religion, race, skin color, gender, age, sexual or political orientation.

Work Rights
We support and will not hinder the employees’ right to voluntarily establish associations hereunder unions. We condemn and will not tolerate child labour, forced labour or involuntary prison work.

Hans Just A/S will contribute positively to the external environment and will as a minimum meet the legislation applicable.

Hans Just A/S does not accept any form of bribe.
Employees in Hans Just A/S are not allowed to accept any kind of bribe, or act under personal economic influence by partners.

Gifts, provision of meals or social activities in relation to meetings must not affect the decisions of the company or be perceived as if they have affected the decisions.

In general employees of Hans Just A/S are not allowed to receive or offer gifts that could be perceived as a reward or favouring. Gifts can be offered and accepted on occasions (round birthdays, jubilees etc.) as long as they do not affect the independence of the employee or the partner.

Employees in Hans Just A/S are committed to avoid any situation which could lead to a conflict between own interest and that of Hans Just A/S.

If an employee is doubtful whether a relation is in violation of this codex, management must be contacted in order to clarify the situation.

*= Statutory statement regarding social responsibility cf. ”Årsregnskabsloven” §99A applicable for accounting year 2015-2016.

CSR-rapport 2014

CSR-rapport 2015

CSR-rapport 2016